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About Gayle Haas

Wife, mother, grandmother, prayer warrior, teacher, dramatist/storyteller, Gayle Haas is a nurturer who embraces the Biblical values of life and family. Graduating from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree in Home Economics and Consumer Education, she has taught in both public and private schools. Her love for people of all ages has enhanced her participation and leadership in women’s ministry, children’s ministry, family education programs, and care giving ministry. Gayle takes great pleasure in developing and performing the dramatic monologues of various characters.  She currently portrays two main characters: Corrie ten Boom, a real-life  Holocaust survivor who worked with the Dutch underground to provide refuge for Jews in Holland during Nazi occupation, and Grannie Carter, a make believe elderly woman with an infectious laugh, who sprinkles her stories of timeless truths with country humor. Gayle and her husband Dan are long time residents of Aurora, Illinois. After 30+ years of local church ministry, Gayle and Dan, credentialed by Alliance International Ministries, have founded E 4:11 Resources, a non-profit ministry committed to teaching and sharing the Biblical principles of life and family.  

Gayle loves a good laugh, reading historical fiction, meeting new people, and visiting with family and friends. 

What do others have to say about Gayle?

"I have had the privilege of seeing Gayle Haas perform as Corrie ten Boom twice--the first at a pastors' and leaders' conference and the second time at my church in the morning service.  She is wonderful!  Even my elementary school grandchildren were enthralled, especially when they spoke with "Corrie", who never departs from character, after church and she answered some of their questions.  She gives glory to the Lord while imparting an appreciation of courage and sacrifice."

Nancy McGuirk, Hagerstown, MD

"Gayle Haas has the rare ability to convince an audience, not only that they have seen a powerful performance, but that they have even met the character being portrayed, personally.  This ability comes from Gayle’s dedication to research her craft, but more – it’s a gift –and  it’s quite unique!"

Bill Davidson, Pastor/Missionary, Church of the King, Queensbury, New York

"As a Brownie Leader, I had "Grannie" come to visit my troop and share stories and crafts with them.  It was a huge success with the kids.  They had a great time listening to the story come alive.  Grannie did a great job at involving the kids in every aspect of the story time and she had the kids constant attention.  It was a huge success and the kids enjoyed it thoroughly.  

Last year I had the opportunity for the first time to listen to a presentation by Corrie ten Boom (presented by Gayle Haas) at a talent show at Covenant Christian School.  I was amazed at the transformation and how accurately she portrayed the character. I felt like I was transported back in time and was able to view the events through the eyes of Corrie.  I look forward to future opportunities to hear other similar presentations."

Annette Brown, Aurora, IL

"I experienced you as Corrie in the Calvary West womens' bible study this spring.  I was impressed with the knowledge and accuracy you told in Corrie's own words of all her experiences.  I had read her book and saw the movie.  I did appreciate you bringing Corrie to life in this manner.  I believe you will continue to bless others with your portrayal of Corrie."  

Barbara, Big Rock, IL

"Gayle Haas is a remarkable woman of God with a remarkable talent. She has the unique ability to take a character which is ordinary and breathe her own life into it and perform the extraordinary. Gayle also has the ability to enhance the unique characteristics of each of the characters in her repertoire to the extent that those in the audience become emotionally involved in the scene. One may experience tears or joy but will not remain the same.   I have had the privilege of being in the audience while Gayle has performed both characters of 'Corrie ten Boom' and 'Grannie'. Each of those characters still linger in my mind to this day.  I highly recommend inviting Gayle Haas to perform in your church, school or civic auditorium.

John Dean, Elijah International Ministries, San Antonio, Texas

"Whether Gayle portrays a famous person like Corrie ten Boom, or a semblance of someone’s wisdom-filled Grannie, she brings spiritual inspiration and thought-provoking audience participation.  I’ve enjoyed her authentic persona in large conferences and small group settings, and recommend her enthusiastically."

Norma, pastor’s wife, Kansas City, MO

"Gayle has been volunteering her services to SmartSteps, a social service organization to assist low income families, for almost 4 years. She makes regular bi-monthly visits to our center to read stories, make crafts, and encourage the parents and their children of the families we serve. SmartSteps is very blessed to have a volunteer such as Gayle with so much care and love for the children participants."

Marcela Jones, SmartSteps Director, Aurora, IL

"Corrie ten Bloom (alias Gayle Haas) came to my home over the Christmas Holiday to share with our dinner guests. We had promised my husband's co-workers live entertainment. They were quite surprised and delighted with Mrs. Haas reenactment of Corrie and the wonderful way she captured the essence of the character. Our guests were very surprised to find out Gayle was not Dutch. God has given Gayle the unique ability to portray her characters so realistically that no one would believe she is acting. Whether she is Corrie or Grannie the gospel is wonderfully presented leaving the audience wanting more."

Cindy H., Aurora, IL. 

"Corrie paid a visit to a gathering of pregnancy center directors.  We gathered to encourage, inspire, and love on one another.  As Corrie shared of her life with God's provision and protection, we were transposed into her era.  We related to God's provision, protection, and preservation of life.  She truly touched our hearts and gave us incentive to go 'one more round'.  Thank you, Corrie.  We are blessed to love and serve Him!"

Sherrie Bicksler, Executive Director, Pregnancy Center, Freeport IL

Corrie ten Boom came to this year's volunteer appreciation brunch for Hope Life Pregnancy Center in Sterling, IL. She was a surprise guest and such a delight to all present. She walked right out of the history books to bless us with her story and words of encouragement. Besides sharing details of her life as a young girl growing up in Holland in a loving Christian home and the trials of helping the persecuted Jews during WWll, she used her story to teach the value and preciousness of all life even those who treated them so badly. She made her presentation come alive while showing it's pertinence to our ministry!!  Gayle,thank-you for sharing your gift with us!! 

Pat Gaumer, Executive Director, Hope Life Center, Sterling, IL 

Gayle’s storytelling is timely, and pertinent.  She has an uncanny ability to hear from God and know what is needed right at the moment.  Definitely a Holy Spirit driven ministry.

Georgine Schick, Yorkville,IL