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Moms Heart Cry – an invitation to pray [10/20/2011]

Over 7 years ago, the Lord put on my heart to gather mothers and women with a heart for children for a time of weekly prayer. Together we have stormed the heavenlies with our petitions for our sons and daughters, grandchildren, husbands, families, and the youth of our nation. With women from a variety of churches, it has been a joy to laugh together, cry together, worship and read the Word together. I especially love how the Lord directs our prayer times, giving us themes to pursue in prayer. It is a time of encouragement and power, pulling down strongholds that would hinder the saving knowledge of Jesus' love to touch lives; we keep persevering in prayer!


Psalm 34:4 is the foundation of our prayer meeting.

Psalm 34:4

"I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears."

sought - inquired, searched, tread

Lord - the Self-Existent One

heard - listened, attentive, eager to respond, paid attention with the purpose to respond

delivered - snatched away, rescued

fears - fright, another meaning of this word is granary or barn, I may be stretching a point, but I do believe that we can 'storehouse' (barn if you will) our fears (past experiences, what ifs, the unknown) and draw from them, even sow them back into our lives, but…..

our AWESOME GOD says He will DELIVER us from those FEARS and RESPOND to our heart's cry!

Because distance does not hinder the power of prayer, I want to welcome you to join me and other women for this weekly time of prayer on Wednesday afternoons. You may send your prayer requests to gayle@storiescomealive.org.

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